About Us

Matrix Sign Lab is a leading information and safety sign makers in India. Having office in Chennai we are serving customers all over India. We have one and only motto and that is to provide high quality signs to customers. There is absolutely no compromise in quality. We use high quality materials to print and also to make sure that these are durable. The print quality is also superb. The quality of the signs are very important as they can make the customers happy and when the customers feel that their money is worth then that is an achievement for us. This can lead to referral and this can bring us lot of business. Our company operates from Chennai and has delivery option to each and every place in India. We deal in signs in all categories such as Asbestos Signs, Catering Signs, Construction Signs, Danger Signs, Emergency Signs, Fire Signs, General Signs, Hospital & Health Care Signs, Industries & Factories Signs, Lockout & Tagout Signs, Mandatory Signs, Mining Site Signs, Prohibition Signs, Road Signs, Security & CCTV Signs, Warning Signs, ETC. We cover almost all categories signs suitable for all customers

The most important thing to achieve is product quality and customer service for any company, no matter whatever product or service they deal in. This is a very difficult task but not impossible one. Our company works day and night with all the hard work to do this and we have achieved this feat. We have a good hardworking and knowledgeable team which puts a lot of effort to make sure that everything is done perfectly. And that is why Matrix Sign Lab has become the leading information and safety sign makers in India.