SV Velcro Mosquito Net


Delivery Cost: FREE
Delivered in: 2-3 Days

Colors Available:  Grey, Black & Ivory
Net Material: Fibre
Washable: Yes. Soft Wash. Can be cleaned with water or with cleaning brush.

Velcro Hook: Rough Side. Black Color. Self Adhesive. Can stick on any material such as wall, tiles, glass, wood, metal, etc.
Velcro Loop: Soft Side. Black Color. Should be stitched along the borders of the net.

User Manual: Shipped with every order. Manual provided with images. Easy to understand.

Support Note for Buyers: Say if your window size is 4 x 4 sqft = 16 sqft.  So if you purchase 4 x 25 sqft from us then total net size will be 100 sqft. In that you can fix 6 windows if they are of the same 4 x 4 size. If the windows are bigger in size or smaller in size than the total number of windows will differ. It is always advisable to buy Hook & Loop in higher quantity so the work is easy and you don’t have to order again for a small requirement.

This is a high quality 120 gsm fibre mosquito net which protects you from mosquitoes and other insects. The customer has to cut and stitch the velcro loop on the net as per the measurement of their windows. This can be done from normal tailors, net stitching tailors or bag stitching tailors. The hook comes with adhesive back so it can be stuck on the panel of the windows or wall easily.

1)Does not block view.
2)Allows air flow.
3)Allows light.
4)Does not spoil the look of the window.
5)Prevents harmful mosquito.
6)Prevents other insects / lizards / etc.
7)Natural way of prevention.
8)No harmful chemicals or repellents used in nets.
9)Easy to clean and wash.


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